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Meetings -

During the school year Troop meetings are held every Tuesday night except the 3rd Tuesday, from 7:30 to 9:00 PM at Sequoia Middle School multi-use room on the campus of Sequoia Elementary School at 277 Boyd Road in Pleasant Hill, CA. On the 3rd Tuesday of the month the Scout leaders and Patrol Leaders’ Council (PLC) meet to plan the weekly program. During the summer the Troop meets at Pleasant Hill Park off Gregory. All are welcome in Troop 277.


Scouts -

Our Scouts are drawn from many different schools and packs from the Pleasant Hill, Martinez, and Walnut Creek area including Scouts from Strandwood, Valhalla, Pleasant Hill Elementary, Christ the King, John Swett, College Park, Alhambra, and De La Salle schools. The average Scout age is 15 years old.


New Scouts in the Troop are placed in a New Scout Patrol that is part of a structured advancement program led by Troop Guides (Scouts who are at least First Class in rank and like to work with the younger Scouts) for the first six months of their experience in the Troop. The Troop Guides work with the new Scouts to train them in Scout skills and show them the ropes in the Troop. New Scouts that attend all of the events offered in the New Scout Program and attend summer camp should be able to advance to the rank of First Class within a year as well as earn several merit badges. 


Leadership -

The Troop is a Scout run Troop with the Scouts broken into patrols of 6-8 Scouts, each with a patrol leader reporting to the senior patrol leader. The leaders meet annually to plan the events for the coming year and the weekly Troop meeting themes. They then meet monthly to cover details of upcoming events. Understanding and exercising leadership helps the Scout accept the leadership of others. It helps them become a more responsible youth and to grow into a responsible adult. We have 10 Assistant Scoutmasters that help the Scoutmaster during the year in supervising the Scouts running the outings, Troop meetings, and instructing merit badges.


Parent Commitment -

Parents roles in Troop 277 are to support the Troop's efforts and to provide the atmosphere Scouts need to learn and excel. Among other things parents should: 

1. Attend the monthly parent meeting.

2. Actively follow their Scout's progress and offer encouragement and a gentle push when needed.

3. Show support to both individual Scouts and the Troop by attending all Troop Courts of Honor.

4. Assist, as requested, in the Troop fund-raising activities such as support our annual Wreath fundraiser.

5. Volunteer for positions on the Troop Committee and attend Troop Committee meetings.

6. Assist with Boards of Reviews for Scout advancement, run a service project, outing or merit badge program.


Community -

You are joining a great organization that includes tens of thousands of adult leaders, interested parents, and the BSA professional staff. Scouting is much more than enjoying the outdoors. The Troop teaches leadership skills, teamwork, community service, and citizenship. It provides opportunities for a young person to develop their faith in others and in God, while respecting others’ beliefs. Scouting shows young people how they can keep themselves strong and healthy and make the most of school and in life. With hard work and dedication, your child will advance to serve as a leader in the Troop and advance in rank along the trail to Eagle.


Above and beyond anything else, your child is in Scouts to have fun!